Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Apartment, Empty Pit Inside

Well I have done it, I have rented my first apartment. Thanks to my income from Demand Media, I have earned enough to cover rent for two months, cost of furniture, a pet deposit, and tomorrow I am adopting a cat! I hope this cat cures my woes. Since the move I have been very lonely. I am trying to just work through the boredom, because I have bills upon bills to pay, but I just wish I had some friends out here. I thought I did, but the truth is, I don't. Oh well, enough ranting, this is my freelancing blog, so on to my freelancing. I was hired by Bright Hub to write for their depression channel as well as their eating disorder channel. I have written two articles so far, and one has been published. The pay isn't anything to write home about, but it will definitely make a difference when I get a sudden PayPal payment from them and I am about $75 or so richer. Plus, I am writing about what I know, so it's fairly simple and the articles interest me. I also applied for a site called LoveToKnow, but have yet to hear back from them. I desperately need to bang out a few Examiner articles this week because I want to make payout for the month of October and so far I am nowhere near it. I get almost no page views on that site though, so I am wondering right now if it is even worth the effort. I thought LA hotel reviews would be a popular topic, but I am lucky if I make 10 cents a day. I am trying to get my Suite account reactivated however. I am not sure who to e-mail but I definitely want to get on that. Okay, thats all for now!

Write well, write often

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  1. I'm on the mental health channel at brighthub too - depression, eating disorders & anxiety. I agree that although the money is not much the articles are simple if you know the subject, so once the trial period is over you could easily make a nice bit of spending money.