Friday, October 1, 2010

In with the Old, Out with the New!

Hey guys, no I didn't mistype my title. I am letting go of my freelance clients in order to make more time for Demand Media, which I had pushed out of my schedule a few weeks ago. After some serious number crunching, I have concluded that I can make the most profit by writing for Demand Studios, than I am making with any of my clients, even if I commit extensive time to the projects I have been working on. I am planning to move back to the East Coast within the next six months, and need money to do it, so I'm trying to put my concentration and efforts where I will reap the greatest benefits. Some of my projects have been so time consuming lately that I have neglected the production of my book, which is where my passioon resides. So from now on, I will focus on my book, Demand Studios, and Suite 101. My book and Suite 101 is where I get the most solice from writing, and Demand is where I make the most profit, so this is my decision. For now of course.

Write well, write often!

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  1. I'm going the same thing. I need to save a lot of money between now and April 1st, and even though there aren't a lot of good titles, I only need to write 25 a week to reach my goal, which I think I can do. I'm also trying to build up a Hubpages Amazon account to see if I can cash in on the Christmas traffic. I am losing money every month on Suite, and I was barely making payout anyway with over 50 articles. I just can't justify putting in any more time there. I'll only be putting my DS abandoned rewrites or rejects over there. Good luck reaching your goals!