Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Progress on all Fronts

I am happy to inform all you loyal readers that all aspects of my life currently are going well (for the time being). I am making big strides with the progress of my book, I am working well with a private client who is just a joy to write for, and other people are inquiring about jobs for me to do as well. I am look up, and my salary is going up! Very excited. I am still partially financially dependent on my mother as I make this move into full-time freelancing, but with each new job, I feel myself getting closer and closer to my goal of financial independence. I pay for half of my purchases right now, which is far more than I have ever been able to cover in my life. The new job has given me a sense of purpose and confidence in my writing, which content mills just haven't provided me with. Oh! And I forgot to mention, the other aspect of my life that is going well is that I just started talking to this amazing guy. He is sweet and kind-hearted, and best of all is that he doesn't drink, so completely respects that I don't either. I am crossing my fingers that this good luck lasts, and hope this season is bringing great things for all of you!

Write well and write often

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