Friday, September 24, 2010

New Ventures are in the Works!

So I am trying to make my mind up about how I want to steer my new blogs. I am definitely going to create a couple more, all topic focused, and use this one for personal updating and occasional venting. I'm not sure what type of blog I want to start with yet however. I might do one on dieting and nutrition and another on substance abuse and recovery. It seems that this might be a good way of going about making some easy money on the internet, and those are my areas of expertise. So I will most definitely keep my readers updated on whats going on!

In other news, I have created a schedule for myself to keep me on track while working at home. Its tempting when I am sitting at my desk and supposed to be working, to suddenly drift off into the abyss of the world wide web! That doesn't bode well for my productivity. So each day I am setting up "appointments" if you will; allocated time slots each to writing, applying for new clients, and doing research. I hope I can stay on the ball, because my income is decreasing on a daily basis now that I no longer write for Demand Studios.

I did however, re-enter the world of the single people today, so that should clear up a good deal of my time!

Write well and write often

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