Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Book is Growing!

Hey everyone! So I started my book today and I am three chapters in! (Note: I am WRITING a book, not reading one) It's going well so far. I sent the table of contents along with the first two chapters out to a few publishing companies and agents. Im really hoping I get a deal. I've also started to eat more, which is a good thing because I had been massively restricting. I realized though that engaging in my eating disorder would eventually lead me back to using, and thats the last thing that I want. Im also trying to be more honest and forthright, anything that will keep me on the beam so to speak. All in all it was a tough day, but productive and positive. I also got some resumes out to private clients looking for writers. Hope I land a writing gig! I could really use the money :-)


  1. Hi Kathleen,

    Saw your post in the forum on suite101 and decided to visit your blog.

    I too am contemplating writing a book about working in Hollywood for ten years.

    See you in the forum and here as well.

    MY BLOG:

    Respectfully, Nicholas Chase

  2. Hi,
    Good luck on your book. Many times agents and publishers won't even look at a book proposal unless the book is completed, so don't get discouraged by rejections. Maybe you will be the exception to the rule - that would be great. Keep believing! :)